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Our gymnastics program is geared toward teaching the fundamentals of gymnastics. We use equipment like high and low beams, single, parallel, and uneven bars, trampolines and more. We teach general skills like forward rolls, handstands, and cartwheels. We hope by the end of the school year your child will master these skills that they can use for the rest of their lives.


Our ballet program focuses on beginning ballet skills like proper technique, positions, and terms. They will learn through creative and freestyle movement using music, costumes, and props. This will create lifelong skills, increase motor skills, and self-confidence.


Our ninja program focuses on general gymnastics skills, martial arts, obstacle course training, and parkour. We use equipment made for kids like what you would see on America Ninja Warrior. Kids hop from incline to incline to learn one footed jumping, walk on a rocking log to master balance, and so much more. They will learn other skills like respect, teamwork, and communication.


Our cheerleading program focus on the basics of cheerleading. Your child will learn cheer motions, jumps, chants, cheers, and tumbling skills.

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